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Our clients appreciate the depth and precision of our search and recruitment processes and value our ability to consistently recruit exceptional talent that contributes to the growth and advancement of their businesses. The long-term partnerships we've established with our loyal clients are built on a foundation of candor and trust—that comes from results.

Our team has years of valuable, real world work experience in the industries they serve. This insider perspective provides a deep understanding of what it takes to overcome common industry challenges and perform at a high level. Far beyond just filling positions, our team identifies candidates with the right blend of ability, experience and motivation to thrive in their roles and reach their potential as dedicated future leaders and champions of their organizations.


We believe in an open, honest partnership.  We communicate openly and honestly with our clients, candidates and constituents. Candor and trust are an important part of how we live and work.

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients.  We are strategic consultants. It is important that we become an integrated part of the team, so we can truly get to know our clients. 

We believe that 1 is better than 10.  Our focus is to present you with quality, top-notch candidates, as opposed to several average ones.  We work to provide you with modern recruiting practices and assist you in making sure your new hire is the perfect fit for your organization.

We know the industry and utilize up-to-date tools and resources. We know where it is going and the trends that are happening that alter the way our clients do business.

I have conducted and I am in the process of working with Kerri on what will be 3 searches in the human resources, benefits, and insurance markets. I have yet to meet a recruiter who is so spot on in finding the exact talent that I have needed and requested. The speed and efficiency in finding that perfect candidate is truly unprecedented.

I could not recommended anyone better or more professional in doing their job than Kerri.

Michael Byers

I found Kerri and her team to be exceptionally beneficial in researching and identifying potential candidates with the specific experience and job skill sets necessary to bring new talent to our organization. Prior to commencing the search for new recruits, she took the time to first listen to our requirements and was then able to expeditiously introduce us to a range of candidates who actually met those requirements, rather than just passing us over every resume that seemed close for scrutiny. The talent pool she presented was on point and one of the highest quality I have seen in more than thirty years as a hiring manager. Nearly every candidate seemed to be more than adequate to our needs. She always responded quickly to all emails and provided us with advantageous background information on all the candidates. She also assisted us with ongoing candidate communication and coordination once our interviews had been completed. I can strongly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jim Hunter

I started working with Kerri five years ago on a search I was doing for a payer sales person. I was referred to her after a long and frustrating search yielded only poor results. Kerri; listened, provided candidates that only met my specifications, and communicated with me in a professional manner (she didn’t hound me or try twisting my arm or throw resume’s over the wall). I highly recommend Kerri; she is a complement to her profession and a pleasure to work with. 

Marc Salois